Owner Representation:

As your advocate, IAI Hydro Inc. can manage or support your control system project from development through completion. Our expert team can act on behalf of your company in a wide range of projects including:

Project Design-Build - Specification Development - Evaluation of Bids - Project/Construction Management - Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) - Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) - Construction/Installation - Start-up & Commissioning


Helping to identify the cause of faults, develop solutions and prevent future failures which can become extremely costly to you in terms of lost generation, unscheduled outages and staff overtime. Count on our expert staff to efficiently analyze and identify failures, develop solutions to fix the problem in a fast and reliable manner, and assist in putting safeguards in place to prevent similar faults in the future. IAI Hydro Inc. offers a variety of analysis services including:

Fault Analysis - Governor Performance Testing - Assessment/Evaluation of Equipment


Specializing in consulting services that solve problems, create solutions and increase overall performance for our customers. With our years of experience and knowledge, we conceive and implement creative solutions that address our customers' concerns today and for their future. IAI Hydro Inc. offers a variety of professional consulting services including:

NERC/CIP Compliance - Risk Management - Maintenance Program Development - Maintenance Recommendations - Control System Upgrade Recommendations - Governor Upgrade Recommendations - Plant Testing Recommendations

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