In today's busy world it isn't always possible to schedule your entire workforce to attend on-site training courses. Instead, let IAI Hydro provide you with an e-training solution tailored specifically for your plant and your plant's needs. From equipment theory of operation to site specific applications, IAI Hydro provides specialized E-training solutions that cover all aspects of plant and unit control. Whether you're looking for operator, electrician, technician, mechanic or engineers training, IAI Hydro has the e-training solution for you.

Our e-training courses are designed to provide the knowledge and skills that your staff needs to advance and become proficient in their duties now and into the future. And the best part is that our e-training videos can be viewed at your staff's own pace, as often as they like, at a time that best suites their schedule. Examples of our e-training programs include but are not limited to:

  • Governor Theory, Operation and Maintenance

    Mechanical Governors
    Electronic Governors
    Digital Governors

  • Unit Control Theory and Operation
  • Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • Governor Troubleshooting and Calibration
  • Equipment Troubleshooting and Calibration
  • Unit Control System Software
  • Unit Operation
  • and many more...

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